The comprehensive customer management solution

Customize CRM based on business requirements, create automated processes for a seamless customer experience

Unify CRM

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Automation Workflow & SLAs

Set up automated workflows

Automate complex business processes

Minimize mistakes and improve response time to customers

Create a SLAs for service response commitment

SLAs - An essential part of professional service

Provide consistent quality of customer service

Mass upload data on the system

Update data in seconds

Upload data on CRM based on templates

Nhập liệu hàng loạt

Customize user interface based on business requirements

Show by list

Unify CRM - List view


Kanban view

Kanban View

Show by multiple application integration

Consolidatied View CRM

Consolidated view

Click-to-Call within a CRM

Eliminate manual tasks to improve agent productivity

Maximize call performance

Click to call ngay trên CRM

Synchronize data with internal application

Integrate with BaseBS’s applications or third-party systems easily

Update customer data continuously and consistently

Customize reports according to business needs

Various report system and flexible customization ability

Design reports in a few simple steps and manage the report folder efficiently

Report CRM Real Time
Tự thiết kế Dashboard theo nhu cầu

Personalize your real-time dashboard

Design a creative dashboard in your way

Build up real-time dashboard with key metrics

Comprehensive decentralization mechanism

Flexible decentralization by Role, Profile, Group

Enhance data security with the multi-authorization mechanism

Phân quyền chặt chẽ
Chia sẻ dữ liệu dễ dàng

Sharing rules

Coordinate work processing and synchronize data between departments

Departments easily share data and work closely together to solve customer problems quickly

Sharing rules type: